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Automated security & compliance monitoring for your cloud environment

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Cloud Vulnerabilities Can be Damaging

Data Breaches

Unauthorized data exfiltration and deletion, leading to end-user privacy impact, penalties and legal actions against offending businesses.

Loss of Services

Unavailability of data and services could lead to unplanned downtime, causing financial loss.

Brand Impact

Negative media coverage about poor security posture could significantly hurt the reputation of the business.

Common Cloud Misconfigurations

Overly Permissive Access Privileges

Exposed Storage Volumes

Misconfigured Logging & Monitoring

Open Inbound and Outbound Ports

Default System Credentials

Insecure Network ACLs

Cloud Security = Shared Responsibility

AWS, Azure and GCP will NOT stop exploitation of misconfigurations in your cloud

Certified Security for Your Cloud


Gauntlet scans for 300+ security threats & misconfigurations.


Detailed analytics, dashboards, inventory maps and quarterly trends


Manage vulnerabilities. Integrates with JIRA, Slack, GitHub


Online dashboard gives complete visibility of security health


Support for AWS and Azure. GCP coming soon

White-glove Support

Critical Warning Instant Alerts, Weekly Email Notifications & Managed Services

Cost Effective

Pay for security that matters. Not bloatware


Support for up to 10 international security & regulatory compliances

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Role of Gauntlet in your Product Security

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