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Automated security & compliance monitoring for your cloud environment

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Cloud Misconfigurations and Security Risks

Overly Permissive Access Privileges

Overly permissive access policies and privileges enable expanded access to far more assets than needed

Storage Misconfiguration

Confidential or regulated assets can inadvertently get mislabeled and find their way to external audiences

Insufficient / Misconfigured Logging & Monitoring

When monitoring & logging are compromised, it is difficult to detect events/changes & where they originated

Open Inbound and Outbound Ports

Minimizing unnecessary inbound and outbound ports is half the battle. Restricting access is the other half

Default System Credentials

Ensure all systems have default credentials which are restrictive or default-deny, to prevent all-encompassing access

Development settings in production

Do not use the production instances for development work. Misconfigured development settings lead to attacks

Why Gauntlet?

Over 250 security checks run everyday

Discover, track and mitigate security misconfigurations in your cloud

Agent-less setup - almost zero customer-side setup & maintenance

Online dashboard gives complete visibility of security health

Easy integration with bug tracking tools

Managed Security Service from Deep Armor*

*Vulnerability triage & remediation guidance is available under Gauntlet Premium Subscription

Achieve & Stay Compliant with

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Role of Gauntlet in your Product Security

Cloud and Web App Security

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Secure with Deep Armor's expert

Consulting Services

Cloud Infrastructure

Automate Security and Compliance monitoring with

Cloud Security is Shared Responsibility


Responsible for security in the cloud

Cloud Service Provider

Responsible for security of the cloud

You cannot solely rely on your Cloud Service Provider to secure your environment