About Us

About Us

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Deep Armor is an award-winning information security firm and a trusted partner to over 35 companies around the world. We are experts in securing web applications, mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT), wireless protocols and cloud environments. Our team frequently speaks and conducts trainings at prestigious security events such as Black Hat, Troopers, AppSec, Insomni’hack, FIRST, and other global events.

Our deep-tech, architecture-to-deployment approach towards product security has enabled our customers to build and ship secure, privacy-preserving solutions. We are experts in secure product design, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, security automation, privacy and incident response. As strong proponents of Security Shift-Left, we have helped our customers save significant costs in cyber incident damages by reporting security vulnerabilities early in the development cycle, and recommending mitigation techniques to resolve such vulnerabilities quickly and effectively.

Deep Armor’s Gauntlet is a powerful security monitoring platform for third-party cloud environments. Misconfigured cloud continues to be the most neglected and often attacked component of SaaS solutions and web applications. Gauntlet has helped in identifying and quickly remediating hundreds of vulnerabilities in our client platforms -- before they could be discovered and exploited by attackers on the Internet.

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