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Hardware and Embedded System Security

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Securing IoT products is hard for a multitude of reasons. They are often built with a bag of parts, each sourced from a different vendor and with varying assurances of security quality. Standards and best practices are few -- when everything from a pacemaker to a traffic light can be considered as an “IoT” product, it is difficult to establish an overarching set of security best practices.

Deep Armor takes a holistic approach to IoT product security. We ensure that the individual building blocks (device, mobile, cloud/web and wireless protocols) as well as the integration touchpoints are thoroughly evaluated. For example, on the hardware/firmware side, this may mean the validation of hardware-backed secure boot, secure FOTA, key management, physical port access, and so on. Application security and cloud infrastructure security play an equally important role in IoT security. A one-size fits all approach never works for IoT solutions. Our methodologies lay emphasis on understanding your product architecture & implementation thoroughly, prioritizing business logic attacks, and creating customized security validation plans that cover common threats as well as specific use cases.