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Deep Armor offers security training programs for the following topics:

  1. Security Development Life Cycle (SDLC): This course is relevant to all facets of product development and beneficial to executives, architects, developers, QA engineers and program managers. We cover the essentials of a 5-Step SDLC framework, the inputs and outputs at each stage, and have the attendees implement the learnings on sample projects. Students learn how to design and implement an SDLC framework for their own products and platforms. This course is beneficial for professionals whose employers do not have a mature internal SDLC process.
  2. Cloud & Web Application Security: The purpose of this training is to increase awareness among software developers, architects and validation engineers about cybersecurity pitfalls while developing, testing and deploying web applications on public/third-party cloud environments. They will understand how vulnerabilities manifest and may be exploited, and how to design secure systems to avoid such weaknesses. The training program includes plenty of hands-on activities, including lab exercises to learn practical exploitation of OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. We conclude with a Capture The Flag (CTF) competition. Attendees are required to “hack” a web application hosted by Deep Armor and gain points when they exploit a vulnerability.
  3. Securing Internet of Things (IoT): This is one of our highly rated training programs, which has been accepted at Black Hat USA three times, as well as at numerous international events. A hands-on course for recon, pentesting and hardening Internet of Things (IoT). It’s not just the hardware. IoT security should encompass device, mobile, cloud, endpoint, AND wireless protocol security. Students will learn to use low-cost hardware & software tools to perform packet capture, manipulation and injection in a variety of wireless networks. The training also includes malware app code walkthroughs and live debugging sessions. We teach how information theft is scarily easy, and what steps can be taken to harden these systems. Students will be provided with USB-based transceivers and IoT simulators to work on two activities pertaining to IEEE 802.15.4/Zigbee style security work as well as security for Bluetooth/BLE. Cloud is an essential part of any IoT program, so we conclude the training program with a 1.5 hour Capture The Flag (CTF). This training program requires the use of IoT hardware kits and transceivers which will be provided by Deep Armor.

Our team has conducted training programs and workshops at numerous global events, such as Black Hat USA, FIRST, Intel iSecCon, SACON, Breach & Attack Summit, and for several corporate customers.