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Web, mobile and Cloud Security

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Deep Armor’s cloud and web application security assessments ensure complete coverage of the three common building blocks: (1) Web Applications (portals, consoles, pages); (2) APIs, and (3) Cloud Infrastructure

Deep Armor’s extensive security assessment templates for mobile and web applications using the comprehensive OWASP Security Testing Guides, the NIST Cybersecurity framework, and from our own experience performing vulnerability assessment of applications and reviewing CWEs. Also, we enhance these templates to derive project-specific vulnerability vectors for execution.

Cloud-based web applications and SaaS solutions proliferate the market today. While they offer great convenience in terms of rapid prototyping and deployment, it is important to understand that Cloud Security is Shared Responsibility. While the cloud service provider (for example, AWS, GCP or Azure) provides assurance for the security of the core services and infrastructure, it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your applications, APIs, user authentication & authorization, configurations and controls. Per a recent study by IBM Security Research and the Ponemon Institute, “Nearly half, or 43%, of organizations had not started or were in early stages of applying practices to secure their cloud environments.” Cloud misconfigurations continue to be one of the primary sources of cyberattacks for all businesses - large and small.

Many security compliance frameworks require your web applications, APIs and cloud environment to be continuously monitored for security threats. Deep Armor’s Gauntlet can help you achieve that for your cloud environments, particularly for SOC2, PCI DSS, CIS, GDPR, HIPAA, AWS Well Architected Framework and ISO 27001. For more details on Gauntlet, visit www.deeparmor.com/gauntlet

We can help you achieve a high security bar for your mobile applications.