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SDLC and Product CISO Services

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Many of our customers prefer to devote their time, energy and finances towards building a product. They may not have the need or budget for internal security teams or the right kind of subject matter experts for a particular product. Deep Armor offers Product CISO service to plan strategic security programs for your solutions, identify security activities that should be executed at each stage of the product life cycle, execute these activities and help ensure that you ship high quality, secure products.

Deep Armor’s world-class end-to-end Security & Privacy Development Life Cycle (SDLC) defines activities that are woven into the product development life cycle. This includes architecture, secure design, threat modeling, vulnerability assessment/penetration testing (VAPT), incident response planning, DevSecOps and Continuous Security for CI/CD.

At each program milestone, we ensure that the required security tasks are completed. When the product is ready to ship, it is also secure without the need for a separate security assessment activity.